UIC College Prep High School

1231 S. Damen Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60608

ph:  312-768-4858
fax: 773-496-7149
web: http://uiccollegeprep.noblenetwork.org/

Principal Tressie McDonough

UIC College Prep High School, the LSV Campus of the Noble Street Charter School (UICCP), welcomed its initial cohort of  freshman students in August 2008. The school currently has an enrollment of approximately 820 students. UICCP was established in partnership with the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) and is one of the campuses of the Noble Network of Charter Schools, a highly regarded local charter school network. The school engages students in rigorous academic coursework, with a special emphasis on the health sciences.

Students are required to complete four years of mathematics and science. They also complete a unique, four-year health sciences curriculum that was co-developed by UIC College Prep faculty and personnel from each of the Colleges associated with UIC’s health sciences campus: Medicine, Nursing, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Public Health, Applied Health Sciences, and Social Work. The program provides students with a unique and unparalleled introduction to issues, topics, and models of scientific inquiry in the health sciences, including an extensive career-awareness component. At the end of four years, students will have received a broad introduction to the science issues and opportunities involved in health-based careers.

In its short history, UICCP has demonstrated remarkable progress, as evidenced by its ranking as the highest performing non-selective high school in the city of Chicago. The UICCP-UIC partnership represents an exceptional model of school-university collaboration.